All About My Hobbies~

All About My Hobbies~
Welcome To My Humble Cooking Blog. Nothing special about my blog, I'm Not a Professional...But I Really Enjoy Myself Doing It. "Mommy's Ryan Kitchen " is all about cooking & Baking. Just to share some tested & validated recipes from people who loves cooking. All Photos & Recipes is Belong to Blog Mommy Ryan's Kitchen. Strictly Copy Paste & Download all Items in This Blog Is NOT ALLOWED. Thank You!.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Ice Blend Watermelon with milk shake~

Jom sejukkan tekak"... Bahan2: Buah tembikai secukupnya (dipotong dadu) gula secukupnya...(ikut suka, nak manis ke tak nak) susu cair secukupnya... ice batu secukupnya... satukan kesemua bahan2 & blend sampai sebati.. jika terlalu manis tambahkan sedikit air.. dah siap!.....

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